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SNOB is an Arab monthly woman magazine specialized in various topics concerning the family. It is circulated in all the Middle East with a special emphasis on the Gulf region, and an average monthly circulation of 100,000 copies. SNOB’s main aim is to always stay in touch with the Arab readers, their families and their ways of life, their preoccupations and their dreams.

BUSINESS PIONEER in 2008 joined the Group. It is one of the growing Arabic-language business publications in the GCC region. Covering a broad scope of business sectors, the magazine is becoming a requirement for GCC businessmen and businesswomen.

SNOB DECOR was launched in the beginning of 1993. The basic idea behind this Catalogue is to offer to Lebanese and Arab Architects and Designers a specialized and luxurious platform, through which they can exhibit their products and achievements to a select audience of Middle Eastern costumers. The catalogue is released 3 times per year, on March, July, and November.

SNOB DECOR Special launches a series of SPECIAL EDITION catalogues, each featuring a specific aspect of interior design. Its content holds technical information on the matter, illustrated by pictures of products available in the Arab market through designers’ creations and international brand names. The catalogue is released 2 times per year, on May and October.

SNOB FASHION is published 2 times a year on March and October with a full coverage of Fashion weeks around the world, from Haute Couture to Readyto-wear and accessories and jewelleries for Arab and International designers. It is published 2 times a year on May and November with a full coverage of Fashion weeks around the world.
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"ما رأيك بموقع سنوب الجديد"
جيد جدا
هي في عينيه
أضواء الشهرة
ميشال ألفترياديس: على المرأة ألا تقبل بهيمنة الرجل وأن تثور على العادات البالية
جورج كلوني وأمل علم الدين... مَن الأكثر تفوّقاً ونفوذاً

الفنانون الآباء.. هل يشاركون في تربية أبنائهم

ألين لحود: Frederic Lerner شاب حلو لكن نقطة ضعفي اللبناني

عابد فهد: عصر الفنان ذي «البرج العاجي » ولّى إلى غير رجعة

مكتومو القيد في لبنان... قنبلة موقوتة قد تنفجر في الجميع

الموسيقى...تربية وعلاج للأطفال

هيفاء وهبي: أخذت حق هيفا القديمة... ولم أحلف على الرجال
SNOB BEAUTY A quarterly catalogue published on March, June, September, and December of every year. It includes a wide variety of Local and International Hair Styles and Beauty Care products, MakeUp, Before and After Looks, and technical information about Plastic Surgeries.

SNOB WEDDING A unique annual catalogue launched in April 2010, with a vision to be the ultimate guide for planning the most successful event; it features 5 sections: Fashion, Beauty, The Groom, Decoration, and Tourism & Honeymoon.

Al Oum is an Arab Monthly magazine circulated in the Middle East with a special emphasis on the Gulf regions, with an average monthly circulation of 56,000 copies. Launched in 2005, Al Oum is now acknowledged to be the most trusted and informative mother & Child magazine in the region.